Weapon: UmbrellaEdit

The umbrella is another "makeshift" weapon, one not originally intended to harm other bears. The umbrella's strength has not yet been tested. The umbrella cannot be found already equipped on other bears. The umbrella is light blue, with a hooked handle. The handle is a light brown wood. It first appears in Episode 5.

Ultra KillEdit

The Umbrella's Ultra Kill is "Singing in the Pain" based on the film and/or song "Singing in the Rain".

The Ultra Kill is as follows: Naughty approaches the dazed and injured bear with his umbrella. He then jams the umbrella through the victim's windpipe, holding the bear up by the umbrella that has pierced their throat. Screen vision shakes up as Naughty drives in the umbrella, and the bear has their hands around where the umbrella has pierced their throat. But the victim finally dies, arms dropping to the side, and Naughty dumps the body on the ground. He then opens and closes the umbrella a few times to clean off the fluff of the victim, similar to how an umbrella is shaken free of water.

Image of WeaponEdit


Naughty Bear with an Umbrella. Bears included from left to right are: Goober limping away, Nibbles retching and equipped with a machete, an anonymous B.E.A.R., E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney, and Trembles the Oil Baron, who is also retching.