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Green Sombrero



Twinkles SummaryEdit

Twinkles is a lavender bear from both Naughty Bear and Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. He is in a band, and one of his bandmates is named Bearvis, a reference to Elvis.

Personality & TraitsEdit

When provoked or scared, Twinkles will run and look for the nearest weapon. Once getting a weapon he would command all the bears to run inside a building. If attacked in building, Twinkles will run to the nearest phone/car/boat and try to get help. After coming back with help. Twinkles will fight you. 

He seems to be interested in music. This is proven in Panic In Paradise.


Episode 5Edit

Twinkles, along with Chubby and Goober are at a party celebrating Trembles' arrival. He eagerly waits as Trembles discusses his plan to rid Perfection Island of Naughty Bear and drill for oil at his hut. He cheers for Trembles and his plan. This angers Naughty, and Trembles is killed by him.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Panic In Paradise seems to be the only time he wears headgear. He is seen wearing a large sumbrero.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Twinkles is invited to go to Paradise Island and go on vacation. He decides to be a musician to entertain the other bears. But Naughty Bear is angered at not being invited and decides to dish out some revenge.

Fiesta DocksEdit

Twinkles, organizing all the entertainment on the island, is using his guitar skills to win some friends. All the bears like his skills, including his band mate, Bearvis. The Narrator is annoyed and wants Naughty to obliterate the guitar-playing bear. The Narrator decides that the best way to eliminate Twinkles is by disguising Naughty as Bearvis and hitting Twinkles with the guitar, which will kill him. Naughty assassinatesBearvis, steals his clothing and hair, and attacks Twinkles with a guitar and murders him.

Video & ImagesEdit

Naughty Hit List 7 Twinkles

Naughty Hit List 7 Twinkles

Naughty Hit List #7 Twinkles

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Twinkles, after being killed with the Oozy.


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