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Trembles SummaryEdit

Trembles is a pale taupe-colored teddy bear; his light fur color varies from taupe to gray, depending on the lighting. He is the boss bear of Episode Five. He plans to not only kill Naughty Bear, but to demolish his hut, to drill for the oil underneath. He has placed oil derricks near the Disco, the Cabin and even around Naughty Bear's Hut in the Glade. He is located at the Cabin with his bodyguards, the B.E.A.R unit. An Ironic Kill trophy/achievement can be acquired if Naughty Bear punishes him with the Cabin's Power Box.

Trembles can also be seen in Killer and Insanity challenges, to practice killing a bear or driving a bear insane. This may suggest that before his promotion to Oil Baron, Trembles was not a very popular bear, even sent by the others to provoke Naughty with nothing more than a stick.


Trembles is the real ladies man

Trembles doing some poses. He's stylin' on you!

Trembles is a bit of a pompous blowhard. His cavalier attitude suggests that he is rather wealthy from being promoted to Oil Baron. He also seems to be quite popular with the other bears. He is distinguished from the others by his light brown cowboy hat. It appears that in the second game, Trembles is still an Oil Baron and immensely rich, as he has a gas station that supplies his own brand of fuel.

Trembles is a cowardly type of bear. When he feels safe he will fight back. But when he feels not safe he will try to escape.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Trembles the Oil Baron wears a light brown cowboy hat, it is called the Prospecting Hat. In the original Naughty Bear game, you can earn this hat by earning a bronze trophy on Episode Five. The profile reads that the hat makes you rich. Statistics have not yet been recorded for this hat.

Trembles still wears the same hat in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise.In Panic In Paradise Trembles has a Ten Gallon Hat and a Revolver.


Episode FiveEdit

Trembles returns to the island, having been promoted to Oil Baron, he has returned popular and loved for stimulating the economy and providing fuel. His reasons for returning are to both kill Naughty Bear, and to drill for oil in Naughty Bear's peaceful glade. In order to accomplish this, Trembles hires out the B.E.A.R. as his personal bodyguards.

Panic in Paradise

Trembles is trying to make a deal that would give him exclusive drilling rights on the island he's hired out the B.E.A.R. to protect him once again. His revenge mission is to make him drink his speacal brand of oil then light him up.



Naughty Hit List 4 Trembles

Naughty Hit List 4 Trembles

Naughty Hit List #4 Trembles