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Sunbeam's yellowness exceeds all expectations, taking into account that his color also reflects his cowardice. He is the boss bear of Episode 7(the final episode in Naughty Bear).

Sunbeam gazes at the stars in the night sky through his telescope when he finds an alien spaceship. He beckons to them in hopes of starting a friendship. His plan backfires and the Alien Bears invade the island, placing all of its inhabitents under mind control. He is found in the factory area with Emperor Xoon, the leader of the Alien Bears.


Sunbeam wears a tin foil mind control helmet in Episode 7. He is quite friendly and cheerful, gaining the friendship of all the other bears except Naughty Bear. He is also very cowardly when in danger. His sensitivity to naughtiness makes him very easy to drive insane and he usually chooses to flee or hide instead of fight.

Sunbeam is also depicted as being quite the naturalist. He, along with Giggles, believed that Daddles filmed an authentic Unibear, a cryptid from local Perfection Island lore. Because Fluffy had thoroughly mapped out the entire island, the scientific community had dismissed it as folly. He has also been attacked by a Sand Dolphin.

Sunbeam choked by Naughty while stuck in a trap

Interestingly, one of the tips reveal that Sunbeam's real name is "Sweet-Wheat." There are no other indications of truth to that claim, however.

In Panic in Paradise he is revealed as Stardust's brother.





Sunbeam wearing his tin foil hat

Naughty Hit List 5 Sunbeam

Naughty Hit List 5 Sunbeam

Naughty Hit List #5 Sunbeam