Weapon: StickEdit

The stick is another "makeshift" weapon, one not originally intended to harm other bears. The stick's strength has not yet been tested. The stick can be found already equipped on other bears and the ghouls of Chapter 10. The stick is light brown, with one short twig extending near the end of the weapon. It first appears in Episode 1.

Ultra KillEdit

The stick's Ultra Kill is "Sticky Incineration",due to the reason it leaves no body behind

The Ultra Kill is as follows: Naughty Bear smacks the dazed bear in the face, sending the bear backwards and onto the ground. Naughty Bear then places the stick on the bear's face, and spins the stick back and forth as one does when starting a campfire. Smoke starts to rise until the entire victim goes up in colorful flames, and Naughty falls to the ground. This leaves behind no body.