Naughty Sherrif

Naughty's sheriff costume wielding a Revolver

The Revolver, which resembles a Colt Detective Special, has 8 shots when fully loaded, and does normal ranged weapon damage. Like most guns, gunshots from the revolver will frighten other bears and give you naughty points. All members of the Fuzz wield them. However some Army Bears, Pirates, and Ghouls will carry this weapon as well.

Ultra KillsEdit

When Naughty uses the Revolver to perform an ultra kill he first kicks the victim down then shoots the victim straight between the eyes.

Suicide Edit

The bear will point the gun to their head and pull the trigger.


  • The weapon has a similar look to a Colt Detective Special
  • The handle seems to be bigger than the gun itself.
  • Revolvers in real life normally have 6 bullets. But this one seems to have 8. Probably increased to balance the weapon.