Naughty bear with a Oozy

Naughty Bear with an Oozy

The Uzi is a sub-machine gun developed by the Israeli military. The Oozy can be found in Naughty Bear. Mainly used by Army Bears, the weapon is first encountered in episode three.


The Oozy is, despite appearances, quite ineffective as a combat weapon. It can be used to kill individual Bears in one-on-one conflicts, due to its high rate of fire and accuracy. However, when used against groups of enemies, the Oozy is not as effective as a fast melee weapon as it does little damage per shot. It does, however, have a large ammunition clip of 50 shots, meaning it will rarely run out of ammo.


The Oozy's Ultra Kill involves Naughty firing about twenty rounds in quick bursts against the victim in slow motion. The bullets penetrate completely through the target bear and creates a lot of attention from all around. (It can also smash objects behind the Bear being shot.)

The Oozy's Suicide Kill is exactly the same as all other gunshot suicides; the victim trembles for a moment, then reluctantly raises the Oozy to their right temple, hesitates, then fires off a single round into their head.


  • The word "Oozy" is a cartoonish "Bear-like" spelling of "Uzi"[1], a real sub-machine gun which looks more or less the same as the Oozy.
  • Strangely, the Oozy's Suicide Kill makes the gun behave almost exactly the same as the Revolver, using the same animation and sound effect.
  • Even if the Oozy has 1 bullet left Naughty Bear can still spray the bear with a whole clip load of bullets in the "Ultra Kill".
  • The maximum ammo for a Oozy is 50 bullets in total.
  • In Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise, DJ Fuzz has the Golden Oozy. But cannot be used.