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Nibbles SummaryEdit

Nibbles, as his name suggests, is a cook. He is a marine-blue bear who is the main focus of Episode 4: "Night of the Living Ted," as well as the subsequent challenges.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Nibbles appears to be a fairly nice bear, inviting the other bears over in his starring episode. He obviously loves cooking. He is also shown to be a coward, since despite arming himself with a rolling pin, he will usually run away but it could even be just good sense. He might be a fan of horror movies since his appearances in the Naughty Nightmares always involve a horror movie like Alien or The Ring. A tip in-game reveals that Nibbles has a knack for baking peach pies.


Episode 4Edit

Nibbles invites a few bears over for a cooking lesson. He accidentally chooses the wrong book and releases the Zombears upon the island forcing Naughty to punish him for his mistake. He is located at the cabin surrounded by several Army Bears and Colonel Ketchup who attempts to defend him from both Naughty and the waves of rising Zombears.

Panic in Paradise

He's one of the objectives, he organizes a giant BBQ party at Fiesta Docks and Naughty must kill him with a cookie cutter machine. He is seen teaching other two bears how to cook on a grill and he clearly shows his ability by literally juggling the burgers instead of just flipping them.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Nibbles wears a chef hat in Episode 4. When the Zombears attack, Nibbles arms himself with a rolling pin. It is likely he took the rolling pin because it was the closest thing he had before the Zombears went on a rampage.

Video & ImagesEdit

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Nibbles was invited by Cuddles to come to Paradise Island to be the Island cook. Naughty Bear wants revenge for not being invited, and decides to make the bears suffer by depriving them of their best cook. He can be seen making show of his skills or teaching something to the other cooks.

Fiesta DocksEdit

Nibbles has held a fiesta for the other bears and with his cooking skills, he will whip up a fabulous barbecue for the other bears. Naughty Bear wasn't invited to the fiesta, and wants retribution. Naughty goes to the fiesta and finds out Nibbles is using his cookie cutter machine to make biscuits for the other bears. Naughty decides to use the cookie cutter machine on Nibbles. Nibbles and the other cooks become aware of Naughty's presence and try to escape or defend themselves, but they are killed. Nibbles is chased to the cookie cutter machine and trapped, and Naughty throws him into the machine, where he becomes a biscuit. Naughty takes the biscuit and crumbles it up.