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Featured Cleanup

The featured cleanup is a quick way to find which sections and articles need improvements. Please help expand these articles in any way possible.

Since the Naughtypedia is a young wiki, pretty much every article needs to be improved.

Clean Up

-Any assumption should be taken out of character description and put in a special section (for each).

-NB Panic in Paradise is coming, there should be a way to clearly find information on both titles. An icon per game title should be used in introduction to articles to know in which game the feature is found (see Halo wiki for example).

-The star icons used in Emperor Xoon page should be used in other character/costume stats.

-Any reference to the real world should be taken out. For example, Colonel Ketchup is described wearing a US military cap, which is false.


Wanted Articles

  • Since Naughty Bear is full of references to pop culture, art, history and so on, I suggest creating a page concentrating on those references.
  • A list of all the names of the secondary bears found in the game, not only the colored bears. Examples: Corporal Torque, Zombear Jebus, B.E.A.R. Adams, Pirate Weast...
  • A breakdown on how many points are needed to unlock each of the Naughty Cups would be an excellent addition to the Episode sections. Please share your findings.


Thanks for still checking this place out. It means a lot. The community is slowly dying but those who remain stay strong!



T104 T104 7 December 2012


Hello, its me. If anyone could fix the picture under the Paradise Island Chainsaw Massacre set's table, that would be very helpful, especially seems I'm the one who added it. Thanks, hope you can help. :)

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DeviusQC DeviusQC 28 September 2012

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise will be out on XBLA October 10th for 1200 Microsoft points. Have fun! @Naughtybear @DeviusQC

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DeviusQC DeviusQC 21 September 2012


Just out of curiosity, do you know how many copies of Naughty Bear was sold?

Based on VG Chartz, more than 720 000 copies of Naughty Bear were sold. Pretty impressive!

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DeviusQC DeviusQC 18 September 2012

Message from the Designer!

Hey y'all! I am glad to see the wikia community taking interest in Naughty Bear! yay! Right off the bat, I'd like you to know some rules:

-Even though I designed most of the game and Naughty Bear universe, I cannot give the community bulk information about the games. The information on the wikia mus…

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Naughty Bear Box Art.jpg

Naughty Bear has long been the black sheep and scapegoat for the Teddies of the Island of Perfection, but Naughty had always taken it well - more or less. However, when the Teddies neglect to invite the shabby stuffed antagonist to the big birthday party, Naughty Bear finally loses it.