The Narrator is an unseen character who can be greatly compared to the narrators of young children's programs. His questionable messages, however kindly and politely spoken, sets him apart from the others. He has a hand in nudging Naughty Bear in the path of vengeance. He is also hinted at in the loading screen as being a figment of Naughty's imagination, as it says "Naughty Bear has no voices in his head, except for that one creepy English one that urged him to kill..."


The Narrator speaks rather cheerfully and presents the overall objective of each episode due to Naughty Bear's choosing to be mute. He is presumably on Naughty Bear's side, but not enough information is known about him to yet to be sure. (However, Naughty Bear wouldn't have gone on his killing spree if not for the Narrator.)

Naughty Bear Episode 1 The Party (Part 1 of 2)

Naughty Bear Episode 1 The Party (Part 1 of 2)


It is unknown why the Narrator wants Naughty Bear to kill the bears, or even if the Narrator is just Naughty Bear's imagination or his own way of convincing himself to kill and to terrify the bears on Perfection Island. It could be that he is Naughty's hidden conscious or Naughty is schizophrenic. He was likely involved with Naughty even before the party with Daddles, since Naughty is not shocked from a voice coming out of nowhere. Through generally believed to be on Naughty's side, there are subtle hints that he may not be. Though he generally gets Naughty to attack the bears that threaten him, he also gets him to kill innocent bears, like Sunbeam and Nibbles (who only put Naughty in danger by accident), Silky, (who Naughty never even met before the Narrator convinces Naughty to kill him), and Dr. Juggles, who actually wanted to help Naughty. This may imply that he just likes see bears die or he does not know of any other way to fix the problem, since he wanted Naughty to save the island more than once.