Jelly Wars is a multiplayer mode.

Manual InformationEdit

In Jelly Wars, one player controls Naughty Bear while the others control a team of Normal Bears.

This Team must GATHER 5 JELLIES and throw them in the giant mixer. Then they must activate the mixer to win the game. Naughty Bear, on his side, must PUNISH all the normal Bears to win.

Naughty respawns indefinitely while Normal Bears are punished for good! There is only one way to bring them back: another player can use a PHONE to call the punished team members back to life.

Naughty can SABOTAGE the Phones and the Mixing Machine to gain some time. The Normal Bears will have to REPAIR them.


This scenario features co-op gameplay and intense strategy, as dying is critical! The team of normal bears (Daddles, Cozy and Sunbeam) must locate and bring Jellies to a giant mixing machine in order to create the most awesome jelly ever so team work is needed here. Watch out though, as Naughty Bear will try anything to stop them!

The normal bears must protect each other, transport objects, call back up, repair objects and heal each other while Naughty will hit, maim and kill them, disable their objects and hide their Jellies.

The winner is either the normal bears who collected all the Jellies, or Naughty Bear who has killed them all.

This is a different take on recently popular "All against one" style of multiplayer as done by games such as Riddick or a teamplay mode much like Spinter Cells SPy vrs Merc mode

One good starategy is to isloate a bear, wait or him to leave the pack, then take him out. (Make sure you have the right weapon for the job - having the wrong weapon can easily lead to your death. Red Axes and Hammers are good weapons to have because of their sheer power, but be careful of their slow attack speed.) Getting into group fights is a bad idea, because there is no friendly fire. Because of this, enemies can easily swing, hit their teammates and still easily take you out. Don't charge the enemy if they are in a group. If you are playing as Naughty, have a more tactical approach.

If you are playing as one of the normal bears, you don't respawn unless picking up the telephone on the raft when a teammate is calling you on the island, so precision is crucial. Try to lure Naughty Bear into a trap you might have set up somewhere. Even though Naughty Bear respawns, it will buy your team valuable time to collect the Jelly Cakes.