A challenge that requires you to drive every bear insane.

The narrator will shout "Insanity challenge! Drive them all crazy!" rather excitedly

This will require some planning for each level as you are not able to kill the bears before they are Insane and this will prove difficult on the later levels.


  • Scare the bears in crowds when possible, so the spectators also get scared.
  • Traps help a lot here.
  • Avoid pushing bears over the edge with that last Super Scare. You'll get more points from letting them run around for a while.
  • Remember that every naughty thing they see or hear helps.
  • Smash things near other bears.
  • Sabotage things for more Super Scare opportunities.
  • Perform Super Scares from inside lockers/cupboards/etc.
  • Hit the Scare button periodically to keep your multiplier up.
  • Pick up a freeze capsule and suicide everyone quickly after the announcer screams "It's a madhouse!" to get the most out of your multiplier.
  • Remember that Insane bears can't experience your naughtiness, with the noteworthy exception of pushing them over the edge.