Chubby kills himself

Insanity is a mental state where the sufferer has lost most or all control of feelings, common sense, and choices. Some behaviors are concidered to be an immediate threat to themselves or others.

When Naughty Bear scares a bear enough, it will become insane and eventually commit suicide. Some bears are more resistant than others. It is important to "stress the meat" by scaring them and exposing them to all of the different Naughty acts that you have caused because Insanity and suicide are very rewarding in terms of Naughty Points. When a bear becomes insane a group of bubbles will appear above their head. They will stop pursuing the player and run around the map randomly. All the player needs to do is perform one final scare (or ultra-scare) pushing them over the edge resulting in a violent suicide. They will either use a weapon, or if empty handed, bloat and explode.

Pushing a bear over the edge by driving them insane is a clear sign that all the possible Naughty Points that bear has to offer have been received, it is also considered the most Naughty act you can perform and yields excellent points from any bear who witnesses their suicide. This is often enough to push other bears into a state of insanity, it is also the basis of a type of challenge which requires the player to drive all the bears insane. Once insane, no more Naughty Points can be gained directly from these bears.

Suicide Edit

When a Bear is BOO!ed while insane, they will commit suicide. The suicides are listed below.

No Weapon Edit

The Bear will inflate themselves until they explode, leaving no traces of their body.

Blunt Edit

The Bear will beat themselves on the head until they fall onto their knees and slip over onto the ground, dead.

Sharp Edit

The Bear will grab the weapon with both paws, and stick it through their stomach. They will then proceed to pull it out slightly and slip it back in again. They will slowly fall backwards until they are on the ground.

Axes/Hatchets Edit

The Bear will point the sharp edge of the ax/hatchet downwards. They will flip it over, bend down, and slam it into their face. The Bear will fall onto their knees, fall forwards, and the ax/hatchet will slip off of the Bear's face.

Guns Edit

The Bear will smack the gun upwards, drop it back down, and then reluctantly raise the gun up to their right temple. They will hesitate for a moment before shooting themselves in the head and falling sideways.

Ray Guns Edit

The Bear will smack the ray gun upwards, drop it back down, and then reluctantly raise the ray gun up to their right temple. They will hesitate for a moment before shrinking their head and falling to the ground.