Golden Oozy is a multiplayer mode.

Manual InformationEdit

In Golden Oozy, it's all about killin'...with a twist.

The only way to make points is to punish a bear with the unique Golden Oozy, a GUN spawned randomly on the map.

You will soon realize that this automatic gun in extremely powerful and has unlimited ammo, which will help you enormously while facing the other players all at once.


This mode makes one player feel like a king as he faces off against all the other players with his golden oozy of doomness, a gun of extraordinary powerfulness. This special oozy has unlimited ammo and is exceptionally deadly for both Noobs and pros. Killing with it is the only way to earn points in this mode. This unique scoring system makes players work as a team to hunt down the wielder and then backstab each other to claim the prized gun.

The winner of this mode is the player who has killed the most with the Golden Oozy.

Traps also work if you're holding the Golden oozy and you set a trap and kill a bear.

This is based off the James Bond gametype Golden Gun. The rules are the same.