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Giggles SummaryEdit

Giggles is a red bear, who, along with Chubby, rudely mocked Naughty Bear in Episode 1: The Party. He is the boss bear in Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard. He is a horrid bear laughing at Naughty giving a gift for Daddles and trying to steal Naughty's treasure by digging up his hut. Eveyone should absolutely Despise that horrid bear.


Episode 1Edit

In Episode 1, he is seen with Chubby when noticing Naughty coming to Daddles' birthday party despite not being invited. Upon seeing that Naughty has a present, he, along with Chubby, laughs at him until Naughty goes home. Naughty then goes on a rampage and kills Giggles, Chubby, and Daddles.

Episode 9Edit

In Episode 9, he is resting at the docks when the pirates, led by the fearsome Captain Bearbeard, arrive. They appear to be friends with Giggles. Naughty, while spying on them, finds out they are holding a treasure hunt, and the treasure is underneath Naughty's hut. Naughty then must kill Giggles and the pirates.                            

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Giggles appears in Panic in Paradise. He was one of the bears invited by Cuddles to go to Paradise Island. He was in charge of the guest list, and Naughty Bear wasn't invited. Giggles has sunglasses now.

Paradise Resort LobbyEdit

Angry at not having been invited, Naughty Bear decides to punish Giggles by shredding him with the lawnmower. Giggles is unaware that Naughty is at the resort lobby and is after him. So he is unprepared when Naughty catches him, brings him to the lawnmower, and shoves his head in the lawnmover and he is pulled in and shredded, with his fluff spraying everywhere. Giggles has been defluffed, and Naughty doesn't have to worry about him anymore.


Giggles is one of the few normal bears who will most likely resort to phoning in help.

Giggles choking on a nut or a pebble.