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Fluffy is a violet bear who is the target of Episode 6. He is responsible for the creation of the R0B0-B34R5. He and his robotic army built a giant robotic super-brain. He also possesses many Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonators, devices that are extremely dangerous. While his motives remain unknown as to what he plans to achieve with the resonators, it is made clear that he is a threat to not only Naughty Bear, but to the entire universe, according to the narrator, who states they will create a quantum rift that end the universe. There is a special Ironic Kill trophy/achievement that can be earned by killing him with the conveyor belt. He appears in the Tutorial and is seen throwing stones at Naughty's hut. He breaks one of the windows. The player must get rid of Fluffy and steal his lunch then flush down a toilet or throw it into a campfire.



Fluffy with a present while Naughty stands behind him

Fluffy wears a hard hat with an atom painted in the middle in his respective episode. His ability to create the R0B0-B34R5 and super-brain assure that he is an extremely intelligent individual. As smart as he may be, he is not very strong and his tolerance for naughtiness is moderate at best. The Weapon that he wields in Episode 6 is the Power Fist. 

In Panic In Paradise Fluffy's resistance to naughtiness is the slightly the same. He seems to be interested in toying with the very fabric of time and space, as he is working on a Quantum Rift Portal to rid Naughty of his home.


Naughty Bear is chasing a Fluffrog in the late afternoon until a robotic bear suddenly appears and crushes the frog underfoot. When it retreats, Naughty follows it back to the factory where he witnesses many other R0B0-B34R5 involved in the production of a giant robotic bear head, with the project being lead by FluffyThe Narrator believes it to be a robotic super-brain. Fluffy then gives a Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonator to one of the R0B0-B34R5. The Narrator, soundly disturbed, states that those devices are very dangerous. He surmises that if the resonators were used by the super-brain, they could create a Quantum Rift that is capable of wiping out the universe, or at the very least Naughty's glade and hut. The Narrator then instructs Naughty to destroy the resonators and to stop the super-brain. 

Panic In ParadiseEdit

Professor B. Brightness'  Workshop

Fluffy is the first bear to be targeted by Naughty in the Proffessor B. Brightness' Workshop. Fluffy had been working on a machine that allows him to teleport anywhere he pleases. Naughty has to grab Fluffy, bring him to The Quantum Rift, and watch him get sucked into the rift. It is shown that he somehow survived, because he appears when you have to punish Silky.