Emperor Xoon
Emperor Xoon


Emperor Xoon

Fur color


Eye color

Black (presumably)

Notable features

Large visor, helmet

Emperor Xoon is the Emperor of the Alien Bears in the Naughty Bear series.
Emperor Xoon is not at all different to the aliens, he just wears a large visor over his eyes and wears a helmet.

He is seen in episode 7 where he arrives in his UFO with his alien army and is the first to control Sunbeam the yellow bear.

His stats are:
Emperor Xoon Face

Life: Star icon1Star icon1

Strength: Star icon1Star icon1

Accuracy: Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1

Speed: Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1

Panic in ParadiseEdit

Xoon appears in Panic In Paradise in the Fiesta Terrace Cantina. Although he appears in the game, he is not a major character. He is not an emperor, he is titled as ambassador. He only appears in the Stardust assassination. It could be that Emperor Xoctopus is his father, who decided to take command back on the invading mission after Xoon's initial failure on Perfection Island.