Fur Color:

Dark Blue

Eye Color:


Notable Features:

Small Fedora



Cuddles SummaryEdit

Cuddles is a blue bear. According to "The Ring" parody trailer, he and Pudding played a game that causes death to the players after one week. They have not been seen since. Cuddles, along with Daddles, Cozy and Sunbeam are the four starting playable characters in Multiplayer. Cuddles, Cozy, Daddles, and Normal were the very first bears to be de-fluffed in the Naughty Bear prototyping days.[1]

Personality & TraitsEdit

It is said even though he's tough, Cuddles never says no to the occasional hug. Possibly a pun on his name, this fact comes from the multiplayer character selection.


Episode 1Edit

Cuddles is at the docks with a lollipop when he sees Daddles and follows him. Fluffy then shows up in a boat with a box. They peek inside, revealing a cake. It appears they are having a birthday party for Daddles. They then hide the cake.

Episode 2Edit

Cuddles makes a cameo in Episode 2. During the election, Chubby is electing for mayor, and Cuddles and Stardust are clapping for him. He is shown again clapping when Sunbeam shakes paws with Chubby.

Episode 7Edit

He appears in the last scene of Episode 7. He is among the bears that pretends to be Naughty's friends after he defeats the aliens. However, Daddles shoves a cake into Naughty's face, and Cuddles, along with the others, laugh at Naughty. Naughty leaves, only to blow up the house with Cuddles and the others in it.

Episode 8Edit

Cuddles is at the party along with other bears like Cop Gordon and Bubble. He appears to be talking to Stardust. Naughty comes, having been invited, and Cuddles is shown whispering to Stardust about a plan involving Naughty. Cop Gordon then calls the X-Bears, led by Danger Bear, to get rid of Naughty, but he escapes.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Cuddles wears a straw hat and nothing else. To achieve his costume in Naughty Bear: Panic in paradise, buy and equip Cuddles' face to walk amongst the other bears.

Video & ImagesEdit

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Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

In Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, Cuddles is the first bear to eliminate, he is the one in charge of checking all the other bears into the resort.