Colonel Ketchup
Colonel Ketchup


Colonel Ketchup

Fur Color:

Red, Gray(Former)

Eye Color:

Gray, remove hat in MP to see.

Notable Features:

Army Colonel's Dress Uniform Hat, Sunglasses




Army Bears

Colonel Ketchup SummaryEdit

Colonel Ketchup is the Commander of the Army Bears that arrive on Perfection Island in Episode 3, when Cozy forms an alliance with the Army Bears, in order to spy on Naughty Bear. Colonel Ketchup resides at Cozy's HQ alongside Cozy, with two fire teams of Army Bears to defend them. This amounts to a rough number of eight soldiers. As a resourceful leader, he orders the Army bears to attach cameras to the birds to spy on Naughty Bear. His name is a pun on Colonel Mustard, from the boardgame Clue.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Colonel Ketchup appears to be a resourceful leader, as he comes up with the idea to use birds for air surveillance. The Colonel also shows guidance and strategy by his fortifications of the Island, the troop transports on standby above the Island, the camouflage netting, the radio equipment set up in The Factory and The Cabin, and the Anti-Tank Obstacles.

The Colonel also appears selfless and brave, as in Episode Four, when Zombears are retaking Perfection Island. Colonel Ketchup sends in Army Bears and even shows up himself to defend Nibbles and the other "civilians" from waves of Zombears. Even when injured, Col. Ketchup will continue to fire his Revolver. The Colonel has the best aim out of all the other Army Bears. He will not run away, even in overwhelming circumstances. Colonel Ketchup always helps bears that are stuck on land mines or bear traps.

If Naughty Bear punishes Colonel Ketchup with the Oozy, while in the Captain Naughty costume, in Episode Three or Four, they will earn the achievement "Chain of Command".


Episode ThreeEdit

In the third episode of Naughty Bear, Colonel Ketchup and a full squad of Army Bears arrive on Perfection Island, to respond to Cozy's request for aid. The Colonel orders his soldiers to attach camera devices to the heads of the fluffy birds, in order to spy on Naughty Bear. He also sets up defenses and disperses his soldiers throughout the island. During the introduction video, his glasses are removed as he sits on the table edge, but plants in the forest section block his eyes before the camera zooms in on the two soldiers fixing a camera on the birds head.

Episode FourEdit

In the fourth episode of Naughty Bear, Colonel Ketchup and his Army Bears squad arrive on Perfection Island a second time, this time on a rescue mission. In this episode, Col. Ketchup orders his soldiers to eliminate the UnTed presence from Perfection Island. However, due to the first game title's combat programming, the Army Bears will stand still when firing their guns or reloading, while accepting the damage given to them by the UnTed in close combat. The repeated assault with the Scary Bone weapon will prevent the Army Bears from reloading their weapons, and without the help of the player, the Army Bears will always lose.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Colonel Ketchup is equipped with a Magnum in most episodes, but in character selection the Colonel is instead equipped with an Oozy. This is due to the Cop Gordon costume already having a Magnum, thus making the same weapon for two costumes redundant. The Colonel is usually surrounded by his soldiers, which can make it difficult to face him head on. His stats are:

Life: Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1

Strength: Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1

Accuracy: Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1Star icon1

Speed: Star icon1Star icon1

You can steal The Colonel's hat by earning a Gold Trophy in Episode Three, and the hat is named: General Naughty. This is a U.S. Army Officer's Green Dress Cap, and dark sunglasses.

You can steal Col. Ketchup's entire uniform by earning a Gold Trophy in Episode Three and all it's sub-challenges. He comes with a fast Oozy, and states that he is not related to other condiments.

Videos & ImagesEdit


Col. Ketchup in Naughty Bear.

Ketchup Eyes

The only time you see Ketchup without his sunglasses during the Episode 3 cutscene.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Colonel Ketchup is confirmed to appear in the second title of the game, with General Treacle even more Army Bears. The ranks go from Private to Lieutenant, the entire spectrum of the chain-of-command. The location of Colonel Ketchup, and most of the other army bears, is the "Retreat and Spa for War Heroes". The special requirement for the Colonel Ketchup revenge mission is to make his soldiers turn on him. In the end, he was shot by one of his fellow soldiers. The gunshot fatally wounded him, causing him to bleed out and die. Weirdly, Colonel Ketchup will be a red bear in a military outfit with paratrooper camoflauge. Unlike in the original game where he is grey with camoflauge.