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Chubby SummaryEdit

Chubby is a bright orange bear who is the Boss Bear of Episode Two. He is an electoral candidate for Mayor of Perfection Island. His main policy is the extermination of Naughty Bear. The Narrator tells Naughty Bear that he can't allow Chubby to win. Chubby is one of the ten Perfection Island residents who stand up against Naughty in their own specific episodes.


Chubby is an orange bear who wears a top hat. He runs a campaign to be mayor of Perfection Island and he is located at The Disco. He is well known for his campaign posters, which are plastered all over the level.

Chubby is a brave bear, who will look for a weapon to fight if he sights Naughty Bear. He is easy to drive insane. If he is attacked or witnesses a murder, he will either try to escape or call for help. Chubby will fix sabotaged items.

Chubby seems like a not very nice bear laughing at Naughty holding a gift for Daddles with Giggles and he tried to kill Naughty if he was elected mayor.

Chubby also seems to be fully aware of being overweight, and tries to lose weight by different tactics than dieting, as shown in Panic in Paradise, where he requests in the Wellness Centre to have his excess fluff sucked out.


Episode OneEdit

He was one of the bears that made fun of Naughty's present for Daddles and ultimately pushed him over the edge. The other bear was Giggles, a bear with red color on him.

Episode TwoEdit

Chubby is the boss bear of Episode 2, he makes a speech and declares to get rid of Naughty Bear if he is elected. The flyers he passes out only further emphasize this point as his supporters rally around him wearing ribbons as support. A wise politician, he hired ninjas led by the ninja master "Master Miyagi" for protection. Getting Gold on 2-1,2-2, and 2-3 will result in you getting the Master Miyagi costume. Should Naughty Bear punish Chubby with the disco's toilet, that will unlock the Ironic Kill achievement "Drowning Politics!"

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

In Episode 2, Chubby is armed with a Revolver and a Top Hat.

All the other episodes he is just a normal bear.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Chubby has been confirmed to be in the second game title, and is #6 on the Naughty Hit List. Naughty hears from the Narrator that Chubby gained weight since he became Mayor of Perfection Island, and that he was planning to have a fluffosuctomy from Dr. Docteur. Naughty assassinates Dr. Docteur, takes his costume and finds Chubby. He tosses Chubby onto the machine and watched him have all of his fluff sucked out.

Images & VideosEdit

Naughty Hit List 6 Chubby

Naughty Hit List 6 Chubby

Naughty Hit List #6 Chubby