Semi-Boss Bears, also known as Assistants, are bears that either assist or plague the Boss Bears of each episode. There are ten total. In organization of good intending Semi-Bosses and Evil Semi-Bosses, is this short list.

Good Semi-Boss BearsEdit

Cop Gordon- A police officer who shows up to quell domestic violence.

Colonel Ketchup- He shows up to stop the UnTed and to bring an end to a madman's tirade.

E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney- The leader of the Bear Emergency Action Response (B.E.A.R) who is hired to protect Trembles in Episode 5.

Danger Bear-A superhero who fights crime.

Neutral Semi-Boss BearsEdit

Master Miyagi- He and his ninjas are hired to protect Chubby, it's for money.

R0B0-PR1M3- He and the R0B0-B34R5 were created by Fluffy in Episode 6.

Evil Semi-Boss BearsEdit

Oodoo- Leader of the Un-Ted, who aims to slaughter.

Emperor Xoon- Leader of the Alien Bears, who wants to take over Perfection Island.

Vampiricorn- Leader of the Vampires, who slaughters any living bear he sees.

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