Naughty Bear features crazy, intense over the top multiplayer action where you get your chance to take on your friends in 4 absurdly naughty modes. There are also 15 unique multiplayer badges to unlock what you can wear - these give you the powers to force your adversaries to change their strategy and help you win the next match!

In every mode, you can customize your character with any type of bear or hat you have unlocked!

Multiplayer also features additional traps to experiment with. The spore trap confuses your enemies and inverses their controls! The paint trap will cover your adversaries in fluorescent paint that makes them obvious when hiding in the woods. There are also new power-ups, or capsules, that enhance your abilities such as the speed capsule, which makes you run extremely fast, or the rage capsule that makes you stronger. Finding and using these, can mean the difference between victory or disaster.

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