Weapon: Baseball BatEdit

The baseball bat is another "makeshift" weapon, one not originally intended to harm other bears. The baseball bat is a fast weapon, a good starter piece. It can be used to bludgeon. The baseball bat can be found already equipped on other bears. The baseball bat is simple, a light brown piece of wood with Naughty's name engraved on it. It first appears in Episode 1, and is the weapon equipped by Daddles. It his hinted the baseball bat actually belongs to Naughty since you can find his name engraved on it complete with a nice handwriting even on the in-game model.

Baseball Bat Statistics
Type of Bear Hits to Injure Should You Use It?

Normal Teddy

Thirty Hits Yes
The Fuzz N/A Yes

Ninja Bear

Army Bear N/A Yes[Not Groups]
Zombear N/A No
B.E.A.R. N/A N/A
R0B0-B34R N/A No
Alien N/A N/A
X-Bear N/A N/A
Pirate Bear N/A N/A
Vampire N/A N/A

Ultra KillsEdit

The Baseball Bat's Ultra Kill has Naughty knock down your victim, and beat them in the head until dead, spewing fluff into the air and leaving a dent into the poor bear's head. The Baseball Bat's Suicide Kill results in the victim pausing for a moment, then beating themselves over the head repeatedly until dead.

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